Investments in 2021 during the Covid Pandemic 22 April, 2021

  • India Inflation
  • World Inflation
  • Nifty Index
  • Dow Jones
  • S&P 500
  • Vaccines are not a good investment in my opinion. Because vaccines are showing signs of failure. Vaccines will need to be given for every new stain with gap 3 mutations in the virus, as it is already showing signs of failure. This fact could help them as well, as they will have permanent consumers for at least 5 years will the pandemic lasts
  • Second in Oxygen and related equipment manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical firms making medicines required in COVID treatment and symptom medicines.
  • Test Labs
  • Travel- As travel restrictions on India increase and travel to and from India is banned. Most hard it would be these. Hospitality will lose its major share of customers. Meaning no revenue, that mean defaulting on loans implying the next one
  • Loans. Banks will start reporting losses as NPA’s increase. As people and corporates fail to pay monthly instalments, people will start withdrawing from savings and investment funds which again will come from banks. Their profits will go down as well. And giving out loans will become harder because of the cash crunch.
  • Realty business will go down as well. As work from home increases, and people stop going to offices. This might lead to increase in home improvement businesses like paints, furniture and home appliances though




I am a nobody.

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Arpan Indora

Arpan Indora

I am a nobody.

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